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Originally from Hungary, the Vizsla is a medium-sized, short-coated hunting dog that is essentially Pointer in type, although he combines characteristics of both pointer and retriever. An attractive golden rust in color, this “dual” dog is popular in both the field and the show ring due to his power and drive while hunting and his trainability in the home.

A Look Back
The Vizsla’s ancestors were hunters and companions for the Magyar hordes, a tribe that settled in what is now known as Hungary. A favorite of early barons, Vizslas are depicted in etchings as far back as the 10th century.

The agricultural terrain of Hungary created a dog of superior nose and high-class hunting ability well-suited to Hungarian climate and a variety of game, including upland game, rabbits and waterfowl. Nearly extinct by the end of the World Wars, the Vizsla gradually regained popularity and began to be imported into the United States in the 1950s.


The Vizsla has earned the nickname the “Velcro dog.” Owning a Vizsla is a lot like having an extra shadow. He will follow you wherever you want to go, whether it’s out of town or into the kitchen. He will almost certainly accompany you to the bathroom. And he will have to be touching you when he is lying down. He will probably try to sleep with his head on your pillow. The Vizsla is remarkably affectionate, and not afraid to show it in public. Be prepared for big kisses along with the Vizsla hug — two paws around your neck. The breed originates from Hungary, and there is an old Hungarian saying: If you own a Vizsla, he lives on your head. The Vizsla is an ideal companion for a very active person with a very active lifestyle. The Vizsla needs lots of exercise. You will need to let your Vizsla run for at least an hour each day. The Vizsla is very bright, and like many breeds, he needs a job to do. They excel at flyball, agility, and Frisbee. They make great jogging companions and they love to swim. They are great with well-behaved, respectful children. 

They are known as the “Versatile Vizsla” in the hunting world because they can do it all: hunt, point, and retrieve. They can also do it all as a pet. They are bright, capable, and curious animals with an uncanny ability to respond to training. Although be prepared, a Vizsla continues to act like he is a puppy until he is about four years old. Vizslas will alert you with a bark should someone be on your front steps. Of course, once you let the person in, your Vizsla is liable to greet them with a wagging tail and two paws to the stomach.

Vizsla Training

The Vizsla is very intelligent and easy to train. He learns new commands very fast. 

Right Breed for You?
The Vizsla thrives as part of an active family that provides daily exercise. He is lively and affectionate to his people, and possesses an above-average ability to take training. Although he sheds, his short coat requires low daily maintenance.

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